What are the Duties of a Model?

The main task of the model is to represent a brand or company. Models become the face of that brand or company. They take part in the shootings as child, female, plus size and male models. Mannequins, who have an aesthetic and noble stance, have many tasks. Mannequins should wear the clothes and accessories of the companies or brands they work with and exhibit on the podium. He should complete the clothes and accessories on the podium with the correct gait, posture and tiny expression.
In photo shoots, poses should be given in accordance with the design. Of course, while making these poses, it is necessary not only for yourself, but also for your photographer to be in harmony with you. You must be prone to teamwork. We should not forget that you will work in all seasons and in challenging climatic conditions. Despite the challenging climatic conditions, you should carry the clothes of the brand and company you work with as desired.
These tasks are your duties for the companies and brands you work with. You also have your personal duties. At the beginning of this is maintaining your form and personal care. We must forget that in modeling you have to be very careful with your form. Gaining too much weight or being underweight is important for both your health and your body size. Secondly, there is your personal care.
You should care about your skin, your hair and your appearance. For this, you must constantly allocate time and money. In addition, you need to get used to the pressure and long working hours that the modeling profession brings. You should not have a travel barrier and you should get used to travels. The most important thing in the business sector in which you work is to follow fashion and new trends. If the brands or companies they work with have choreography, you should work on choreographies.
Mannequins in fashion shows should do pre-rehearsals. It should wow the audience with its unique twist. These should be the priority of models aiming both a job and a career.

Fotomodelin Görevleri Nelerdir?

Photomodels are people who pose for art, fashion and advertisements. Photomodels who do mostly fashion, bikini or lingerie and body modeling should give professional shooting poses. There may be different features and poses that the model they work with is looking for. Although it has similar tasks to the mannequins, it has slightly more flexible tasks. No matter how flexible it is, it should not be forgotten that working hard and being self-sacrificing are at the beginning of this profession. You should be in harmony with the photographer and be prone to teamwork during photo shoots.
In addition, you may not need to pay attention to your weight as much as modeling tasks. It can be just your face shot or only certain accessory shots. In addition, you should be more careful and self-sacrificing when posing as you will be promoting the product. You can easily do this job with your experience and skills. It should be noted that there are very busy and long working hours. You must be there at the time of the shooting. You should not have a travel barrier. Since you do not work in a regular hour, you should get used to irregular and sudden work.

What are the Duties of Cast Agencies?

In addition to models, they have duties in the casting agencies where they work. They should promote the models and brands they work with. It should regulate the working hours and duration of the mannequins. The clothes or accessories to be exhibited by the mannequins should be determined beforehand and should inform the mannequins.
They should arrange the places where the models will exhibit or pose, and arrange and follow up activities such as accommodation and travel. Mannequins must be informed about these. The stylists should consult with the stylists and guide the models about the clothing and accessory compatibility of the brands to be promoted. If there is choreography in the shootings, the models should assist and support the choreography.
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