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No matter how much the specified modeling features seem to depend on numbers and some skills, today's modeling profession is in a certain phase of change. It is foreseen that there will be important changes for the future. To do modeling, height and weight etc. are now required. your ability to express yourself better than your conditions. You will need to be able to adapt and be open to change.
Working hard and being disciplined are at the forefront of this profession. You have to study the choreography. It should not be forgotten that this profession consists only of photo shoots as it seems from the outside. It has certain responsibilities and challenges. The change process occurs by adding experiences. In the model or model profession, you should pay attention to your clothes, posture, personal care and gait.

How Should the Mannequin Posture Be?

A good model should be able to show herself in the best way both on the podium and in front of the lenses. For this, it is of great importance to receive modeling training. Mannequins should be able to convey the message while doing what is requested and present the product well. Because a good model presents the costume she carries correctly. Mannequin postures vary according to men and women. In female mannequins, the waist curves should not be fixed during the shooting, the elbows should not be seen and the hand postures should be natural. In male mannequins, different messages from women can be supported with objects.
The posture should always be comfortable and care should be taken not to contract the muscles. The foot postures are usually adjusted so that the body weight is on one side, not on both sides. In this way, a better pose can be captured at the shooting angle. In both male and female models, the whole face is always requested to be exposed in the shootings and the model is asked to take a stance accordingly. The most important features of the correct transmission of the message given in the mannequin postures and from an aesthetic point of view are that the gaze must be correct and synchronized with facial expressions.

Are Height and Weight Important for Being a Model?

Height and weight are important factors for mannequins. Because height and weight are important in giving the desired message correctly, due to many other effects such as the correct introduction of the product and giving information about how the product will stand on other people. Companies make selections on candidates whose height and weight are proportional in their model selections.
For candidates who want to be a model, nutrition and sports should be a must when planning their career. For candidates who want to be a model, nutrition and sports should be a must when planning their career. The keys to proportional height and weight pass through these two factors. Most models in the profession try to maintain their weight very carefully and meticulously while continuing their profession. Height-weight and other features required by companies for Modelling;
Some desired features for male model candidates;
  • Must be at least 1.80 tall.
  • Height and weight should be balanced.
  • Leg length should be long and shape should be at the ideal level.
  • Shoulders and torso should be broad.
  • Must have the ability to pose.
Some desired features for female model candidates;
  • Must be at least 1.70 tall.
  • Leg length should be long and shape should be at the ideal level.
  • The hips should be narrow and the waist should have a thin structure.
  • Breasts should be small.
  • Must have the ability to pose.
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