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What is a casting agency? 


The companies that select actors according to the subject and content in the visual field of fine arts are called Cast Agency.


It is an intermediary institution that brings together actors, models and presenters with the authorities in the world of television, cinema and advertising. Thanks to the casting agency, actors and models work in the fields of movies, advertising campaigns, fashion shows, promotions, and presentations. Agencies guide, inform and follow up people in the legal and financial fields during their professional careers. It helps to create the necessary infrastructure to discover the talents of people at an early age and develop them in line with these talents.


What are the Services of Cast Agencies?

What are the services of casting agencies? Today, the companies that media agencies and companies need the most and work the most are undoubtedly cast agencies. Cast agency companies provide actors suitable for television series and feature films, television and internet commercials, artist clips, catalog and magazine shootings, as well as models and locations. For this reason, the companies that media companies and advertising agencies prefer and work with the most today are undoubtedly casting agencies. Actor agencies, model agencies and photomodel agencies, in other words, casting agencies have become today's popular institutions.

Cast Ajans


How to Apply to a Cast Agency?

Ice Model Management Cast agency offers job opportunities to those who want to be a presenter, actor, model.

* You can fill out the cast agency application form on our web page

* After your application is approved, your photos are taken and included in our records.

* We then publish your photos on our website.

* Based on the incoming requests, our casting agency calls the actor candidates and directs them to interviews.

In this way, you take your first step into acting, which is seen as inaccessible from a distance, with a professional cast agency team.


What Happens After Acceptance to a Casting Agency?

A professional interview or introductory meeting is usually held as the first step. At this meeting, information about the agency's services and expectations is given. Then, the agency usually asks its members to prepare a professional portfolio and encourages them to participate in suitable castings.

The agency makes an effort to promote and showcase accepted members to potential employers and keeps in constant contact. These steps summarize the process after acceptance and support your career development.


Cast Agency in Istanbul

If you want to develop your career in acting or modeling in Istanbul, Cast Agency Istanbul can be an opportunity for you. It has a wide network of actors and models and opens its doors to new talents. With their professional and experienced teams, they can help you take an important step in your career by directing you to the right projects. Meet Cast Agency Istanbul and discover your career potential!

Cast Agency Contact

To contact Ice Model Management, visit their website and find their contact details. Then, contact the agency directly by phone or email.


Cast Ajans sektörünün öncü ajans firmalarından olan İce Model Management bayan model, erkek model, çocuk model, büyük beden model ve farklı yüzlerle dizi, reklam, klip, katolog, fuar ve diğer tüm etkinlikleriniz için hizmetinizdedir.
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