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İce model, one of the best modeling agencies in Turkey, shows you the safest and easiest way to become a model,, which adorns the dreams of every young girl in Istanbul. Model agencies usually promote clothes or advertise the company. Model agencies aim to make the right steps and do their job in the best way by choosing people suitable for modeling by choosing meticulously.

What Do Model Agencies Do?

The first goal of Model Agencies is to choose the clothes to be presented in the fashion show prepared by the company, together with the choreography, it makes the preliminary preparation of the fashion show to be presented to the rehearsal and the audience and presents the clothes prepared according to fashion to the audience. Model agencies want to make certain choices for the fashion show prepared with a proper work, select people and create a beautiful work. Model agencies ensure that individuals become a familiar face by constantly taking them to fashion shows after choosing the right individuals. For this reason, people who progress on the modeling path can easily reach their goals and become a familiar face as long as they work with the right agency. The modeling agency should therefore be chosen correctly and should be a well-known and beautiful agency. Modeling Agencies, after choosing the individuals correctly, reach their goal and satisfy both the Agency and the Model and create beautiful projects.


What is the Working Principle of Model Agencies?

The working principles of the agencies vary according to each other. Model agencies In the first step, model and model candidates should fill out the application form on the internet and contact the agency. Model agencies return to candidates as a result of these evaluations. The results of these evaluations in a positive or negative way are reported by contacting the candidates.  In the next step, the registration date is determined for the registration of the people whose application is accepted. Candidates are required to visit the Model agency on the specified dates. Candidates who go to register are included in the system after video shootings and photo shootings at the agency. These processes are necessary for the formation of the candidate's portfolio in the model agency.  Model agencies do not serve in the field of acting. There are agencies that serve in the fields of acting, but Model agencies provide services in areas such as modeling, modeling, voice artist and photomodeling.

How to Apply to Model Agencies?

First of all, when applying to the agencies, the agencies have various conditions. The first condition is that the actor must be talented and self-confident. Agencies are constantly looking for new faces, so you need to be hopeful when applying. To apply to model agencies, height, weight and appearance are important. Perfection is at the forefront.

  • Most agencies do not charge a fee for the application.
  • The number of photos used in the application must be sufficient and clear.
  • No accessories should be used to cover the face in the application.
  • The adequacy of physical features in the modeling application is examined in the foreground.
  • Mannequins who want to work professionally must have received or are receiving training.
  • If the models are under the age of 18, they must apply with their families.  


At What Age Does Modeling Start?

Modeling is a profession that many people dream of. Shining on the catwalks, decorating magazine covers and working with world-famous brands seems like an attractive life. But how old does modeling start? There is no single answer to this question, because modeling offers different opportunities for different age groups.

Child Modeling Agency:

Some children start modeling as young as 4-5 years old. In this age group, they usually take part in catalog shootings, commercials and fashion shows. The main features sought in child models are beauty, cuteness and posing ability.


Young Modeling Agency:

Between the ages of 13-18 is an ideal age group for youth modeling. Models in this age group can take part in catwalks and catalogs, model in fashion shows and play in commercials. The features sought in youth models are beauty, a fit body, height, self-confidence and the ability to pose.


Adult Modeling Agency:

18 years of age and above is a suitable age group for adult modeling. Adult models can model on catwalks, catalogs, fashion shows, commercials and many other different areas. The features sought in adult models are beauty, a fit body, height, self-confidence, posing ability and professionalism.



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