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Cast Agencies, model agencies and model agencies in Istanbul, as in every field, there is a very wide range in this regard. Apart from the companies that do their job very well, unfortunately, there are also companies that reduce the quality and level of the work.
As Ice Model Mgmt agency, we have always aimed for better models, better castings, higher level ambitions. For this purpose, we did not compromise our principles and invested in the long term, not the short term. Thanks to the kindness shown to us by you, our very valuable customers, we have repeatedly experienced that our path is the right way.

We have always been actively involved in the cast agency sector and model agency sector and we have been happy to incorporate experienced and talented new faces. As İce Model Mgmt, we show the necessary care to be in reliable people and projects with our professional team in our staff in the field of Istanbul cast agency.

Istanbul Cast Agency Ice Model Mgmt has signed many important projects such as acting, commercial shooting, promotional film and if you want to join our professional dynamic staff, all you have to do is send us your form from our website.


What is the Contribution of Cast Agencies to the Sector and Candidates?

Ice Model Mgmt has an expert and experienced team work in its staff. It is a casting agency where candidates of all ages and characteristics who want to be models and mannequins can apply. The physical appearance and education level of the candidates are not the first criteria, as the production, director and producer needs can be from any feature. Actor candidates and model candidates can apply online on our website

The application process of the candidates is easy and quick. The first screening is done online. Cast agencies review and evaluate actor applications. If the results are positive, the candidates are contacted and the necessary agreements are signed.

Fill out the Agency Application Form and Join Our Family

Istanbul Ice Model Mgmt, which is the best agencies in Istanbul, can provide you with opportunities through the website and at the same time you can reach the position of a prominent actor candidate. Our agency, which has high-level knowledge and team in its field, enables you to become a prominent model or model within the works it has done. In this way, it may be possible to prove yourself and gain a permanent place in the sector.


Cast Ajans sektörünün öncü ajans firmalarından olan İce Model Management bayan model, erkek model, çocuk model, büyük beden model ve farklı yüzlerle dizi, reklam, klip, katolog, fuar ve diğer tüm etkinlikleriniz için hizmetinizdedir.
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