How to Follow a Way to Become a Model


Modeling and acting, which has recently become popular with cast agencies, has become the dream of many people. So what is required to become a model or a model? What way should be followed to become a model?
First, let's explain the concepts of mannequin and model. Model; As a term, it refers to those who wear them and show them by walking around in front of buyers to introduce new examples of clothing created by fashion designers. The model also meets the same meaning. Models pose for photographers through cast agencies in magazines, advertisements and places such as ad shoots. In other words, models become the display face for promotion in print and online environments.

Today, many cast agency firms provide modeling training. The duration of these trainings varies. The general range is between 3-7 weeks. After training such as walking, posture and posing, shots are made in which candidates have the chance to show themselves.

Each cast agency has a website catalog consisting of male and female models, and photos of the models. Production companies benefit from cast agencies and catalogs while making candidate selections.

What Are The Features Sought In A Model?

Turkey has the chance your model may be a model for participating in beauty pageants in general. There are certain criteria in the applications and the applications of the candidates who meet the criteria are evaluated. Among the criteria for modeling, it is important to be tall and have a fit body. The models that play in the projects to be published in digital environment should also be trained in diction and elegance. To list the characteristics in general;

Physical characteristics are important, models should control their diet and get enough sleep,
-Should be trained as a model,
-Should be friendly and positive,
-Should adapt to choreographies,
-Disciplined and hardworking,
-Models should comply with the directions of the photographer aesthetically during shooting,
-Should have knowledge about hair styling, make-up and clothes, they can exchange ideas with the stylist during the shoot.

Conditions for Being a Male Model

  • Must be minimum 1.80 tall
  • Should be balanced in height and weight
  • Leg length should be long
  • Shoulders and trunk structure should be broad
  • It must be photogenic
  • Should be at the top level in stance and walking

Conditions to Become a Female Model

  • It must have an ideal physique
  • Must be minimum 1.70 tall
  • Leg length should be long
  • The hips should be narrow and the waist should have a thin structure.
  • Breasts should be small
  • Must be photogenic
  • It should be at the top level in posture and walking.


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